Guiding Women From Shame and Guilt to Relationship Clarity and Inner Peace

Rebuild your life after a divorce to gain self love, trust, and happiness. Gain clarity on the next steps in your relationship to attract a happier life.

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Do You Feel Fulfilled In Your Relationship?

Most people go throughout life in the same patterns, searching for the answer, but never feeling truly fulfilled. 

You may feel unwanted, ready for change, or you’re just not sure what next step to take.

Relationships can feel overwhelming when...

You feel lost and not sure what your next move will be. You have an inner knowing that there’s someone better out there for you, and you’re not sure how to find them, or you’re not sure how to get that feeling from your current relationship.

Experience the Depths Of Relationship Bliss!

Tap into your own magic as we provide a safe space for you to express your emotions and thoughts. Through genuine reflection, we help you rediscover and embrace your inherent power and wisdom.

We guide you through your divorce by providing a safe non-judgmental space for you to make decisions regarding your imminent future.

We help you gain clarity around what you want in a relationship, what you are missing now and what you want going forward.

Our Roadmap

We will walk you through the process of reclaiming your power and creating change in your relationship for good.

Relationship work takes unbelievable courage. What I want to show you is the path and actions you can take so you can finally reclaim you.

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My Method Is Proven To Show You Solutions For Your Relationships

Relationship work takes unbelievable courage. What I want to show you is the path and actions to take so you can reclaim you, and truly transform your relationships for good.

Hear What Others Are Saying!


“Denise was a wonderful coach supporting me through the process of separating from my spouse. Without her support and encouragement, I doubt I would have taken certain steps I needed to taken this process.

Denise provided a safe and secure environment for me to share vulnerable things, which is super important for anyone going through as divorce and/or separation.

I appreciated that she also shares her own experience about her divorce so openly with her clients, which, in turn makes me feel not so alone.

While I have much more work that still needs to be done, I’m grateful to Denise for helping me get some of the process started, and for holding space of me to sort through these big emotions.”

Hana N.


“Denise Alexandra, Relationship coach extraordinaire! I have worked with Denise for the last year and I have grown my confidence and my relationship with myself in ways I hadn’t even thought possible.

She has helped me shift my mindset from worry and fear to excitement and fearless. I believe in myself so much now that I had the courage to step into a leadership role at work.

I am overjoyed with the work I am doing. Our coaching sessions are strategic and methodical. She has helped me see thing in ways I haven’t seen them before in her kind and gentle manner.

She partners with me to build me up and helps me create organization in my scattered world. I am far more positive than I was before we began working together. If you are looking to create healthier relationships in your life with yourself, your partner, your ex, your family, and friends, Denise is your girl!”

Sherry F.

“Denise is an incredible coach and true gift to her clients.

My experience with Denise has been such a huge success. Denise’s radiant presence, confidence, thoughtful guidance and well-structured coaching sessions left me feeling more grounded in my values and confident about life decisions I had to make around major transitions I was facing in my relationship.

Denise asked so many powerful questions and allowed me to pull back layers of my own unconscious blind spot, all while giving profound insight and providing a safe space. I highly recommend Denise if you are struggling and want to experience lasting shifts in life.”

Kori T.

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